Sunday, December 8, 2013

Book review for Unforeseeable by Nacy Mehl

Nancy Mehl once again has done an amazing job writing this romantic/suspenseful novel.  Unforeseeable is the third book in the series after Inescapable and Unbreakable.  In Inescapable we met Lizzie Engle whom moves away from her hometown because of her troubled past. Five years later decides to go back to her town where with struggles, she manages to make life better and her young daughter. In Unbreakable, we met Hope Kauffman, whom helps her father run a quilt business. She battles between the decision of keeping her commitment to the man she is engaged to, or fall for the charismatic young man who is after her love. 

In Unforeseeable, we met Callie Hoffman who young lady engaged to the new Mennonite pastor.  Many of the previous characters are reintroduced in this story. Lizzie Engle (Housler) is among the previous characters from the first story.

The main event in the story is body is found outside of Kingdom, which seems to be the work of a serial killer.  The people of Kingdom are in great fear.  This story will take you on a suspenseful ride.  It will keep you guessing who the killer might be. 

I deeply enjoyed reading this story, not only because Nancy Mehl has become one of my favorite authors, but the first two book were filled with great suspense and great story line.  This one might yet be the best of the three.  Read it. You will like it.

***I was given this complementary copy by Bethany House Publishers for an exchange of a review.