Monday, May 20, 2013

Book review for Unbreakable:The Road To Kingdom book two

After having read Inescapable, I eagerly awaited the second book Unbreakable: The Road To Kingdom-book two.  Like Inescapable, this book is set in the Mennonite town of Kingdom. It was a great pleasure for me to continue reading about Lizzie, Charity, and Noah, although, the main focus and narrative was about Hope Kauffman, her father Samuel, Ebbie Miller; engaged to Hope, and Jonathan Wiese. Throughout the story, we learn that Hope develops feelings for Jonathan. She then realizes that she must focus on her faith and let God lead her towards choosing the right man meant for her.

The story begins slowly, and begins to develop some good action towards the second half - a series of life threatening events. Some of the characters try to encourage others to take matters into their own hands, which becomes of great conflict with Mennonite church beliefs of forgiveness and non-violence. The elders believe that the main focus should be to remain faithful to their beliefs of leaving it to God.

As the story's excitement builds, Hope has to deal with her own dilemma of having to choose between two men who really do love her for who she is. Then we get to know the characters of the first book a little more.     As these events unfold Hope comes to realize who she really is meant to be with.

Nancy Mehl incorporates a series of Biblical quotes to encourage and show the importance of faith, praying for our enemy, forgiveness, and believing that God will protect us in times of distress.  Here are some of my favorite verses/quotes that she used:

"Remember that God offers us blessing and protection, but we must receive it by faith. By trusting Him. God does not force blessings on us, Hope. Especially blessings of the heart."  -Ebbie.

"They are incredible creatures, Hope. Every time I watch them, I'm reminded that with God nothing is impossible.  If they can lift fifty times their body weight, what can we do through God who strengthens us? I believe ants are a message sent from God to encourage us."

"God has given us beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness."

* I was provided this book for free by Bethany House Publishing Group in exchange for a review.