Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Book review for Undending Devotion by Jody Hedlund

This story takes place in 1883. We are introduced to Lily Young, a very determined and perseverant girl whom is very concerned for her sister who  has ran away. Lily suspects that Daisy might have been exposed into prostitution.   Jody Hedlund does and outstanding job in illustrating the reality of sex slavery, and how women are forced into this disturbing business; if you wanna call it that.
I was fascinated with the character Lily, because of her persistent and determined attitude. Not only that, but Lily finds her calling to help end this terrible thing - to help all vulnerable young women.  Lily is a assistant traveling photographer. The photographer is an older man who sees Lily like a daughter. Being a traveling photographer gives Lily the advantage to search logging camps and towns.  She feels that Daisy might be in Michigan- where most of the plot of the story takes place.

Jody Hedlund writes about the reality of sex slavery, and how women are forced into slavery. She shed's light on how real sex trade is to this day. The portrayal of Lily's perseverance shows how one person be the change that this world needs. It shows how we must be activist and expose the evils and reality the reality of social issues like sex trade.

***I was provided this book for free by Bethany House Publishing Group in exchange for a review.

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