Friday, July 8, 2011

The Light of The World

The last time I wrote I left off on day 17. I apologize for my delay. I had been facing a dry season I should say. Not only that, but I was sadden. My husband recently deployed, and I had been missing him. My husband's deployment made me miss my baby angel (who went to heaven 16 months ago) even more. Deployments are difficult times for the whole family. The kids were having a hard time minding me, and missing daddy. We are adjusting better this month. The past few months have been overwhelmingly busy for me. I felt like a camera out of focus. Tonight, my lens is focused. It's important for me to get back at it.

If I don't write; I feel like I am drowning within the hundreds of words resonating within the walls of my mind. If I don't pray; I feel lost. The Lord is my strength;therefore, I must seek him on a daily basis. I have been contemplating on his word. For His word is light and it's refreshing.

Even in the darkest of nights, and in the saddest moments of your life; God is there. He is the light that pierces the darkness. If you have Him, you will have light. If you seek, Him you will feel more focused in your life.