Thursday, May 5, 2011

31 Days of Motivation and Encouragement- Day 5

Day 5

This one goes to all woman. Men, you can read it too. :)

It is so amazing all that a woman can balance and juggle, specially when she has children. Sometimes, it's hard to see that we make an impact on our children's life. We do so much as women/mothers. It can be so draining too! That is why we need to DAILY seek GOD's presence for strength and balance. They are the grandmothers, single mother's, military mother's, stay at home mother's, career woman, women who's husband do a lot of traveling for work. They are sometime's the one's who are to take care of it all while the husband is deployed or absent. We have a lot to thank to our Mother's for what they do/did. I was raised by a single mother, and I defintly have A LOT to thank her. She did everything she could to raise me. And to take care of me. She is a great mother. Mother is amazing. Mother only one.

I found this by Giggy G T:

Ever since I was young, I have watched my mother's example, and I have learned much about waiting and building. Her life has been one of much waiting and much giving. She built a place of shelter - her ark- virtually alone, with daddy away so much of the time. The waiting periods were often long and quite difficult......When she had nothing left to give, she went to the source of her strength and the supplier of all her needs and was unexplainably replenished. She gave us the sunshine, and gave Jesus all the rest.

~Gigi Graham Tchividjian

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